Preservation of Art & Culture

Jharkhand being a land of rich culture and heritage, BSL constantly endeavours to provide platform so that this heritage is not lost with the passage of time. The same got reflected in the events organized during BSL’s golden jubilee celebration. BSL has shown exemplary support for the cultural heritage by inviting stalwarts like Sri Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Shaan, Ayan Ali, Malini Awasthi, Vidha Lal etc in the Golden Jubilee Celebration. Needless to say, the scintillating performance enthralled the audience and encouraged the tradition of art and culture. BSL regularly organizes and provides space and other infrastructure support to different events like Basant Mela, Swadeshi mela, handicraft mela at the Majdoor maidan, city park etc. The Bokaro Sangeet Kala Academy, a prestigious center dedicated for promotion of classical art forms has been receiving BSL’s patronage since its inception in Aug 1992. Tribal and folk dances are staged every month in this academy.