Model Steel Village

The booming Indian economy has brought into focus the sharp difference between urban and rural India. Nearly 700 million Indians live in 600,000 villages across rural India, yet their lives remain untouched by the prosperity currently experienced by their urban brethren. Thus, there is a compelling and urgent need to improve the socio-economic status of the rural citizens. Realising this need, the concept of SAIL Model Villages was mooted.

Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) has adopted 7 villages for developing them as Model Steel Villages. Integrated Rural Development Programme was designed and followed under the scheme “Bokaro Steel GraminVikasYojana”. To start with, the developmental work in Bansgora and Gorabali MSVs were completed in 2007-08. An integrated approach for overall development of these villages was undertaken by constructing/providing amenities like school building with boundary, chaupal, PCC road , drain along the village street, Panchayatbhawan etc. In 2008-09, five other peripheral villages namely Chamsobad, Manago, Tentulia, Jhopro and Khuntri were taken up and infrastructure activities such as construction of school building, PCC road, drain along road, pond excavation etc. were undertaken in each of these villages.

Seven Model Steel Villages adopted by BSL under CSR:







Facilities provided in Model Steel Villages:
 Approach road
 Arch gate
 Roadside Drainage
 Installation of hand pump
 Creation of water sources
 School building
 Medical camps
 Community hall
 Promotion of Rural sports