Infrastructure Development
Infrastructure Development such as construction and repair of roads, constructing new school buildings and repair of dilapidated ones, creation of water sources, road, road side drains, adoption of villages and creating several infrastructural facilities etc has been a major work carried out by BSL under CSR initiatives.

Connecting Community

Roads are the lifeline of a country
Transport upward social mobility and integration are linked in many ways. Good road connectivity of habitations, particularly of rural areas, is often the primary means of supplementing the public effort directed at providing basic health and educational services as well as infrastructural support for production, trade and commerce at the local village level. Road connectivity is therefore a useful indicator of “inclusionary” aspect of development process and perhaps, reach of the market as well. BSL has been actively involved in the construction of roads thereby providing communication facilities to millions of people.

Quenching Thirst
It is well known that millions of Indians suffer from water borne diseases such as choleric lever, amoebiosis, hepatitis etc due to absence of access to safe drinking water sources. Recognising the importance of availability of safe drinking water safe drinking water and the high morbidity rate in its absence, BSL has progressively providing access to improved water sources to people residing in its peripheral areas.

c) Construction of rooms in schools
d) Water Conservation and Environment

Development of Jagannath Sarovar near Lord Jaganath Temple by constructing platform and stairs around the pond. This project was completed in the month of Oct ’11.

e) Other Facilities
1. Constructed Community Hall cum Dispensary at Akandgora, Chandan Kiari.
2. A Multi-purpose hall was constructed under CSR & named as “Helen Keller Auditorium” for Ashalata Viklang Vikash Kendra. The hall is having sitting capacity of around 300 persons equipped with electrical gadgets, Public Address system and chairs etc.
3. Various construction work were carried out at “Chinmaya- Ojas” run by Chinmaya Mission for providing support to women and youth for developing their employment opportunities through vocational training.