Health and Medical Services

In health there is freedom, health is the first of all liberties- Henri Frederic Amiel
Access to health is a precondition for social prosperity. The benefits of access to health may outweigh the costs for two reasons: first survival and improved health has an intrinsic positive value and second, health improves the productive national capacity by realizing a human and national potential that otherwise would be wasted through sickness and death. BSL acknowledges the fact that ensuring good health of the people residing in the surrounding areas of its plants/units is not just a matter of corporate responsibility. It is a pre-requisite for sustainable all-round development.
Bokaro, as the city looks now, was not the same when SAIL had decided to set up its first indigenous plant in Bokaro in 1971. It was a backward area. BSL took upon itself the arduous task of setting up Bokaro General Hospital popularly known as BGH. Bokaro Genral Hospital (BGH) was established to cater the medical need of employees of BSL and their dependants. Over the year, it has emerged as one of the best hospitals of the entire Eastern region. Not only employees but the people surrounding Bokaro region are being referred to BGH. The facilities provided to patients are at par with national level hospitals. This 910 bedded hospital is equipped with modern state of the art equipment, qualified and experienced specialist and trained medical / paramedical staff. OPD and IPD facilities are provided in all specialty and super specialty of the medical discipline with the help of specialists and modern equipments. Some of the specialties and super specialties include: Medicine, General Surgery, orthopedic surgery, Special care Baby unit, Oncology etc.

1. Sarva Swasthya Kendra, Sector V
 Inaugurated on 15 Aug 2006.

 A special hospital for poor and needy.

 Facilities of free treatment by qualified doctors.

Facilities at Sarva Swasthya Kendra
 Free medicine
 Pathology lab
 X-ray facilities

Attraction of Free Medical Camps
More than 10 lakhs beneficiaries.
Services of dedicated team of doctors of BGH.
Free check up of patients.
Free medicines
Patients are referred to BGH for specialized treatment and surgeries.

3. Ispat Sanjeevani in collaboration with Piramal Swathya